Until further notice, we will remain open with the following restrictions and/or limitations in place:

  • Call, fax or email your orders: 215-628-9452 (office) 215-628-9537 (fax), nursery@colibraro.com, michael@colibraro.com, frank@colibraro.com
  • NO access to the office/building. Jeanne and Eva will be available to assist with phone calls, billing, pricing, etc.
  • Upon arrival at the Yard—DO NOT vacate your vehicle. Wait for a salesperson to assist you.  We will load your order on your truck.
  • For those WITHOUT a pre-order, WAIT FOR ASSISTANCE.
  • While waiting to get your order loaded, call in your credit card number to our office and your receipt will be emailed to you (please provide email if necessary). Checks and cash will be handled directly with your salesperson.  Customers on account will be invoiced.

At this time, we ask that you continue to adhere to the CDC guidelines and refrain from close contact with our sales staff. Social distancing is not something we like to do but need to do.  Therefore, conversations need to be kept to a minimum and transactions need to be done in a timely manner.  Basically, it will be a Load and Go until our situation improves.  Keep in mind that there could also be a complete shutdown of operations.

The PLNA website has been a valuable source of information for our industry.  Check it out:  www.Plna.com

Thank you for your cooperation and stay healthy 😊

Colibraro Landscaping and Nursery, Inc.